Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Red Coal Carpet

So the Blue Bear concert last night was pretty awesome. No major glitches in the twelve-song set, and I think I sang pretty well overall, despite some pitch problems. Taking the afternoon off work and doing a very thorough vocal warmup (in which I finally hit a full three octaves!!) definitely helped. Our teacher, Mike Fiorentino, was beside himself praising us, and strangers were coming up to me afterward saying we did great, which felt really good. boyziggy and obadiah both said I'm ready to "graduate" from Blue Bear now and start my own band. We shall see...

Thanks to boyziggy for wrangling tons of audio equipment and negotiating with the sound guy to do a good recording. I'm glad I told our videographer (Damon Molloy) to switch tapes halfway through the set, as we did end up running just over an hour. I stayed up till 2:30 last night getting all the data onto my computer. Good thing I took this morning off work also; too bad I couldn't stay asleep past 7. :-P

Thanks so much to my friends who came including obadiah, opus119, zahraa, and zyxwvut. I put a few of the photos you guys took with my camera up on Flickr (sorry for some I don't know who took what!). If you have any more to share, please send 'em along!

As a bonus, I ran into Jim Peterson, my teacher from my previous two (jazz) workshops, and found out he's going to be playing several dates in North Beach. Score! He's incredible on the sax.
Tags: concert, singing

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