Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

OKCupid matching

I just went and took the "Match Me" test for most of my OKCupid friends list for the hell of it. Whether it's just my social circle or an issue with OKC's algorithm for these auto-generated tests, my friends seem to have quite a number of common things that are important to them:

- gay marriage (support for, presumably)
- polyamory (preferred, presumably)
- teaching evolution vs creationism (the former preferred, presumably)
- cigarette smoking (lack thereof, presumably)
- sex before marriage (preferred, presumably)

No real surprises here, just amusing to see the same half-dozen or so questions come up in nearly every test. My test is here if anyone wants to amuse themselves with it. (For the record, I think the highest I scored with anyone in this round was 75%, but the questions are different each time.)

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