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Another great day to be alive

It was a great day to be a vegan today.

First, I got an e-mail response from a web conference coordinator who said of course, the caterer would be happy to prepare me a vegan meal for lunch, and what would I like her to order?

Then, boyziggy introduced me to a most fabulous restaurant, Juicey Lucy's in North Beach. The food there was manna from heaven for earthy-crunchy types: 100% organic, seasonal, lovingly prepared, and except for honey completely vegan. The prices were high, portions small, and wait time significant, but it was all entirely worth it. One bite of the vegan coconut macaroon induced a state of absolute bliss. If you're ever in North Beach during the day (11-6) and have a fair amount of time and cash on your hands, I highly recommend you head over to 703 Columbus at Filbert and give this beautiful place a try.

Finally, the café I went to this evening (see below) had soy milk available for hot chocolate, and it was even my favorite brand (Vitasoy)!

It was a great day to be a music-lover today.

My co-worker Al invited me to come down to Brainwash Cafe in SOMA to hear him accompany Steve Kacsmar on guitar. I enjoyed the set, even though the venue (a combination café and laundromat!) barely had room for a dozen listeners and the acoustics were muddy. Al's friends got there too late for his set, so we ended up heading out to The Mint karaoke bar to prolong the evening. We heard a lot of fabulous singers as usual (even if it seemed to be "all 80's night") and danced and had a great time.

It was not such a good day to be a computer user today.

After shutting down a program on my PC today, the monitor went black, and remained that way even after turning the monitor off and on and rebooting the machine. I'm hoping it's just the monitor and not the computer, as I do have another display to swap in. But as both monitors weigh a lot and Ziggy isn't around to help me (touring SoCal with the Mime Troupe till Saturday), I'm not in a rush to try to fix it. I want to get out and have more fun evenings like tonight and spend less time playing computer games anyway. (I still have Nethack on my Mac if I get desperate...)

Postscript: Last night Ziggy and I rented About Schmidt. He had already seen it and so had warned me how depressing it was. If you've seen it you'll know what I mean when I say I want to do everything in my power to avoid ending up like the title character and his wife. I want to keep living, and have to remind myself that living isn't so scary and the rewards make it worth taking risks.

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