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Audio/video - the funcrunch files

Dec. 25th, 2006 08:39 am Audio/video

After many hours of labor from myself and boyziggy, I finished the DVD (and audio CD) for my recent rock concert late Saturday night. I brought the discs to Mike's yesterday and we watched, then jammed on some Elvis Costello, Chicago, and Beatles tunes, and listened to some early-80s music (on authentic vinyl records, no less).

I'm waiting to hear from my bandmates to see if I can make some or all of the footage from our concert public. I put Real Video-formatted clips up on a password-protected web site so they could see them before deciding whether to buy a DVD, per my usual process for these events. I only charge people for the DVD to defray the cost of the videographer, not for my own time, which I consider valuable training in video editing. Though lining up the audio with the video was particularly challenging this time, I do enjoy the process overall, and could see it becoming a profitable sideline or even career sometime in the future.

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