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Few people reading this blog will appreciate or even understand this entry, but anyway...
3.4.3 5177970 7 -5 49 374 374 1 20061225 20051124 1 Arc Dwa Fem Law Rhiannon,ascended

Translation: I just won a game of Nethack with my lawful female dwarven archaeologist, Rhiannon. I decided to play a no-genocide game for boyziggy's benefit, as he was horrified when I told him how many monsters I normally eliminate from the game so I don't have to battle them. (For those in the know: hL;R. Though I really couldn't genocide "h" this time anyway, as I was playing a dwarf. :-P ) The challenge definitely made the game more difficult, but I figured if I could win with a vegetarian weaponless Monk, I should certainly be able to handle this one.

So a full 13 months after I started this particular game, and nearly 6 months since I last made a move based on the date of the save file, I finally got my dwarf out of the dungeon, onto the Astral Plane and into demigoddess status. Hallejuah! (Too bad I only got 5.1 million points to show for it; my Monk and even my elven Wizard did better, and I got 8 million once in a previous version... well, I do normally play for survival, not for high scores.)

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