Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Year in review

I suppose it's close enough to 2007 now to take stock of what accomplishments I made in 2006.

Started taking private voice lessons
This was actually a pretty big one. I've been playing music in some form or another since I was 3 (both parents being professional musicians helped in that regard), but apart from a few group classes scattered years apart, I'd never specifically studied voice. Musician friends and my mother encouraged me to do so, saying I had a lot of potential there. So this spring I started taking lessons with Vicki Burns at the Blue Bear School of Music, and I've been going back nearly every Saturday since, also performing in jazz and classic rock workshops along the way. It's given me a goal and something to feel good about.

Started exercising regularly (again)
I'd felt guilty about how many times I've started and stopped jogging since failing to finish marathon training way back in 2000 (and subsequently gaining a large amount of weight, also fueled by divorce, apartment moves and a job change). After giving up on a half-marathon I'd planned to enter early this year and watching the weight steadily climb, I finally committed to walking to and from work every day (~4.5 mile round trip), and with rare exceptions I've done this consistently since Labor Day. I've lost about 12 pounds, currently at 148 and would like to get down to no more than 125 ultimately. A mostly lowfat, mostly-vegan diet has helped too, of course, but the walking has its own rewards, namely, enjoying fresh air rather than standing around waiting for a ride on a crowded, uncomfortable bus.

Started making peace with my physical appearance
Partly because of the weight loss, but also finally learning to take care of my naturally curly hair properly (and getting good color and highlights for it), I no longer hate what I see in the mirror. I've even admired my appearance enough to take posed photos of myself to post on Flickr.

Learned a bit more about photography
Well, maybe not learned much more technically, but I sure did take a lot of photos, and many more photos just for the sake of capturing beauty than for documenting specific events or encounters with people. Buying two new cameras in one year may have been a bit excessive, but at least the prices are coming down all the time...

Learned about podcasting and audio editing
Technically I began this process last November, but all but one of the couple dozen podcast episodes I've produced for UCSF were done this calendar year. Multimedia production definitely became a larger portion of my work this year than ever before.

Made more attempts to be social
Though I've still dealt with depression and other issues that have kept me in hermit mode from time to time, I have made the effort to make some new friends this year, including mikz who I met through mutual friends in February, Mike who I'd worked in the same office with for a couple of years but didn't really socialize with until this year, and thomwatson who became my new boss this June.

So it looks like everything on this list is either tentative or at the "starting" stage, rather than a finished accomplishment, but that's not so bad I guess. I'm reluctant to list goals or resolutions for 2007 at this stage; for now, I'll just take it one day at a time.
Tags: fitness, photography, singing, work

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