Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Sour notes

So I finally decided to try to get to The Mint to sing karaoke on a regular basis. I e-mailed a few people but no one was really interested or available to come tonight. Fortunately my soulmate boyziggy agreed to suppress his deep hatred of all things karaoke and come with me so I wouldn't be alone.

Backing up a bit: As luck would have it, I had made the brilliant move of leaving my coat at home yesterday, assuming the 80+ degree weather from Tuesday would continue. The 20+ degree temperature drop and high winds caught me by surprise, to say the least. Thus I woke with the predictable sore throat and stuffy nose that usually heralds the start of a cold. I downed vitamin C drops by the handful, drank hot tea, and generally thought anti-cold thoughts. So by the time I arrived at The Mint I was still sniffling but not feverish or incapacitated.

I chose to start with "Holding Back the Years" by Simply Red, which I've sung frequently and figured would not present a challenge. Unfortunately the mix I chose ended up being in a lower key than I expected. I don't get why so many songs have two different versions in the Mint songbook; it's a pain if I don't remember which is in the "right" key. But I struggled through reasonably well.

Then I figured what the hell, I might as well try a song I'd never performed live but had practiced at home, "Home" from The Wiz. I normally avoid Broadway tunes at karaoke because they're always in the wrong key, but this one I had figured out that I wanted four steps down from the original. I would have preferred to just tell the DJ (or "KJ" I guess) the actual key I wanted, but the one time I tried that he said "I'm not a music major; just tell me how many steps up or down." So I put *4 STEPS DOWN* on my song card and hoped that the song in the machine was in the same key as in my vocal selections book.

Hope faded quickly as I stepped up to the mic, the intro music began, and I had no friggin idea what my starting note was. Luckily the KJ bailed me out by singing the first few notes until I could continue on my own. Nope, four steps down was definitely not the right choice. If my voice weren't lowered from the proto-cold, I might not have been able to hit the lowest notes at all. Again, I struggled through OK, but got out of the bar pretty quickly after I was done.

Oh well, hopefully I'll redeem myself next time. It is just a karaoke bar after all, but a lot of the Mint regulars are really good, and I have sung at public and even paid gigs in the past, so I have some stake in how I sound.

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