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Macworld Expo 2007

Crowd gawking at iPhone
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boyziggy and I went to Macworld Expo today. I usually go every year but we missed it last year (for good reason as we had a vacation of a lifetime in Hawaii). Of course the big attraction was the iPhone; I saw live posts about it on a Mac rumors site during the keynote, and Ziggy and I watched the full presentation at home last night (sidenote: the CEO of Cingular has got to be one of most snoozeworthy keynote speakers in history).

I think the iPhone is cool but not enough to make me give up my Treo or Sprint plan right away. I'm skeptical about the touch screen; I actually like the Treo's keyboard, after converting from being a hardcore Palm Graffiti user for several years. And I don't see why Visual Voicemail, which is very handy and needed, can't be adopted by Sprint or other companies (unless that's one of the 300 patents that Steve Jobs pointed out quite loudly). I'll just have to wait and see once actual people get their hands on it in June. Meanwhile, I enjoyed snapping a few photos (with my not-so-great cell phone cam) of people gathered around, gawking at the vaporware rotating in its clear plastic case. :-)

Today was a lot of walking and not much sitting; I wish I had checked the schedule and seen that David Pogue had a presentation at 9, but that was before the exhibit hall opened and by the time we got there it was already over. Ziggy and I finally found an iPod alarm clock we could live with, the Luna from XtremeMac, so we bought it, along with the MicroMemo Voice Recorder for my 5G iPod as that was the only of the three major competing options with line-level input. I also bought a new case as the belt clip for my otherwise-excellent iSkin case has been broken for awhile. This one is a zCover which looks to be very similar except it has a cut-out for the hold switch at the top, which I've missed. Also, I finally won a T-shirt, which I don't think I ever have at an Expo (though I did win a copy of Photoshop CS the other year, which is somewhat more valuable ;-) ); as I was walking down the aisle looking up something on Google Maps, I suddenly got a Bluetooth message which ended up being a photo coupon saying to come get a free T-shirt from the Digital Lifestyle Outfitters booth. Random but pretty neat. :-)

I met up with obadiah and we lunched, walked the floor together, and got a tour of the cool John Lennon Educational Tour Bus. I talked him into buying Comic Life from Plasq and we both signed up for the beta of a new collaborative photo editing product they're working on. We then had drinks and later dinner with his friend Tim. Though I was very tired by then (having stayed up too late and also recovering from a cold), it was very nice to spend time with a good friend and fellow Mac-phile (and an Apple employee to boot!)

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