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The Tube

After two days of sensual overindulgence and sleep deprivation, my body has broken down with fatigue and cold symptoms. So rather than continue to kill off promising Nethack characters at the computer (I'm currently attempting to ascend a vegan tourist, having last accomplished a win with an atheist priestess), I'm sacked out on the futon in front of The Tube.

No, not just TV, but The Tube, a music network that promises to be what MTV used to be - and delivers. All music videos, all day long. And best of all, I can get it over the air with our digital tuner; no cable or satellite needed. Today I've been enjoying Tom Petty, The Stones, Don Henley, etc. Nice segue after listening to 80s music on Zipcar's satellite radio while boyziggy was driving us home from attending a party with mikz, cyan_blue, and hopeforyou last night (though not everyone in the vehicle appreciated the music selections equally, to be sure - sorry guys!).

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