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Weighty matters revisited

After 4 1/2 months of daily walking and more or less sticking to a lowfat vegan diet, my weight is down from 160 lbs to 146. For my 5' 4", average frame, this translates to a body mass index of 25.1, which brings me very close to the "normal weight" part of the scale (18.5-24.9) for the first time since my wedding to boyziggy in September '04.

While I'm still hoping to get down to 125, I'm realizing that:

1) 145 lbs is the weight I stabilized at for several years while living with my ex;

2) 125 lbs is what I weighed when I was in marathon training;

3) Friends, lovers, and strangers have recently told me repeatedly that I'm attractive.

This last point is very flattering but maybe should be irrelevant, as I'm not losing weight primarily for aesthetic reasons. Although, it would be great to get rid of my double-chin (as evidenced in my userpic, though that was from several years ago when I weighed a bit more than now), and I prefer wearing slimmer-fitting clothes.

Also, even if I decide I don't really need to lose any more weight, that doesn't mean I can stop exercising and go back to eating whatever I want. Fortunately I have non-dietary reasons to walk (avoiding crowded buses) and remain vegan (reducing environmental damage and factory-farm cruelty). But changes like eating more veggies and less junk food will be harder to stick to when I don't have a specific weight-loss goal in mind. These changes are healthy and necessary, though, so really need to be part of a lifelong eating plan.

I guess, then, the main change if I decided to stop actively trying to lose weight would be not stepping on a scale and writing down my weight and waist measurement every week. Plus, I could finally go shopping for some nice new clothes, which I've been putting off until losing the weight. I hate shopping in general but lately have felt I could really use a better-looking wardrobe, especially now that I have no serious financial restrictions on what I buy. If I wait till I get down to 125, or later decide maybe I should weigh even less (the calorie restriction lifespan-extending crowd would have me at under 110), I'll be 40 before I buy any new clothes at this rate.
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