Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

First laptop

At last, boyziggy and I are the owners of a new MacBook Pro. We'd been meaning to get a Mac laptop for months, as I'm not fond of his used Thinkpad that we've been taking along on trips. After Macworld Expo yielded no announcements of new hardware, and considering the last refresh of the laptop line was just in October, I figured it was a good time to buy. Though I've used a MacBook Pro at work for several months, I've never owned any kind of laptop myself, so I'm excited.

The first thing was to partition the disk so we could install and run both Windoze and Mac OS simultaneously, using Parallels. Though I haven't actually acquired the Windoze OS yet, and need to figure out how/if it will work with Vista. Partitioning was simple once I found the appropriate menu in Disk Utility, but reinstalling the OS and bundled software from the DVDs literally took hours. This wiped out my enthusiasm for doing much further with the computer last night, though I did manage to install Firefox, and test to see if we could play DVDs through our home theater system. (Good thing we had the right cable to make this work, since our dedicated DVD player is acting up and needs to be replaced.)

Tonight I installed a few more things - Default Folder extension (can't live without it), plug-in, Adium, Flickr uploader, and Second Life. I couldn't believe how smooth the graphics and scrolling were in SL - it was a joy, even though I'm rarely in-world anymore (mostly just to watch live concerts).

One of the main things I still need to install is Quicken, but I think I'm going to have to buy a new copy as mine is five years old and I can't find the CD easily. I'm a bit worried as I've heard so many bad things about the newer versions of the software, but I think a lot of the criticism is coming from people switching from the Windoze version, which has a lot more features. I only need the basics, no online banking or anything. I have something like ten years of financial data in my Quicken files, so I'm not likely to give it up for another app soon. (Although I did switch from Eudora to Mail after 10 years, but I'd be much more worried about my financial data getting corrupted than my e-mail.)

As one of the main functions of this laptop will be a portable multimedia studio, I've also ordered the upgrade to the Universal version of Final Cut Studio, which I really should have sent off for sooner. Hopefully it will arrive in a week or two. For now, I'm just enjoying surfing the web from our living room sofa. :-)

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