Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Birthday 2007

Though my actual birthday isn't till Saturday (Feb 3), I had my party tonight, as for the last four years I've had a karaoke party at The Mint and they get too crowded on weekend nights. Well, tonight might as well have been a weekend it was so crowded - and noisy - and took forever for me and my guests to get called up to sing our songs, and everyone ended up leaving fairly early (not much past 10 p.m.). But I still had a good time, independent of one brief negative interaction which seriously brought me down for awhile but I've mostly recovered from it.

boyziggy had an amazing chocolate-peanut butter ice cream cake delivered from Maggie Mudd that had a wedding photo of us on it in edible icing. He brought a cooler filled with dry ice to the Mint without explanation to me of what it was for, so a fun surprise. He (and I) also took lots of photos, which I'm uploading to Flickr as I type this.

Only about a third of the guests sang, but I enjoyed listening to zahraa, zyxwvut, Patrick, and Mike who obliged me by taking my request to sing Chicago's Beginnings. I sang two numbers that I had only performed once each at the Mint before: Joy to the World (Three Dog Night) and Overjoyed (Stevie Wonder). I was going for an upbeat feel for the event. The second song seemed to go over especially well; I feel pretty confident singing it, although as usual I had a few bum notes. Next time I won't sing and shout quite so loudly at a concert (Howard Jones - will write up later) the night before I'm to sing myself.

Was great that mikz could make it, especially as we met just about a year ago, at zahraa's birthday party, who shares the same birth date with me. Unfortunately zabster was too late to join us - would have loved to introduce her to more of my friends.

Also in attendance: thomwatson (who has to put up with going to a birthday lunch for me tomorrow too! ;-) ), Jeff, opus119, Frank (who also took lots of photos - thanks Frank!), Christina, Gregor, Susan and her friend whose name escapes me at the moment. I hope I'm not forgetting anyone. So many late nights lately have made me a bit sleep-deprived - not that I'm complaining. :-)
Tags: singing

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