Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Last weekend

Had a great time at zahraa's birthday party. Beth and I share the same birthday, and actually used to have joint parties when I lived a few blocks away from her in Berkeley (and had a tiny apartment). But I scheduled my own celebration for the previous Thursday at The Mint so as not to conflict with Beth's, which for once was on our actual birthday, Feb 3. The party was well-attended, and I especially enjoyed getting to know ewhac a bit better. Unfortunately I don't have any photos to show at the moment, as I was using Beth's camera and lrc was using mine, unless Beth would like to post any that came out well (hint, hint) - Edit - Bethday pix now posted!

We stayed rather late, and then Larry and zabster kidnapped me and boyziggy and took us to Felton, where we didn't get to sleep till sometime around 5:30 a.m. So we missed obadiah's birthday brunch the next day, unfortunately, but with so many birthday celebrations in a row (Gregor's party was in-between mine and Beth's), I knew something would have to give. Being tired from partying, we ended up hanging around the house all day, only venturing out for dinner in Santa Cruz at the wonderful Charlie Hong Kong. Yay, now I have another favorite vegan-friendly restaurant besides Saturn Café to visit! Later we had a photo shoot, which I'm sure has further weakened Larry's willpower to decide whether or not to buy a new camera. (Not that I can blame him, having bought my current Panasonic FZ50 a mere six months after buying the FZ7 - and selling my FZ20 to Larry in-between!)

Two more birthday parties to attend this weekend - cyan_blue and Mike. Whew!
Tags: photography

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