Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

More birthdays!

Five birthday parties in two weeks! The first of this weekend was for cyan_blue (and several others, but Geri is the birthday gal boyziggy and I know best). thechoirloft is a neat place, full of positive people energy. Many children were present and sometimes underfoot, but much more tolerable than I expected. The hot tub was very nice, as was socializing with mikz, obadiah, and numerous others. I teased Mik that four of his partners have birthdays within two weeks of each other; he must have something for Aquarians. I took some photos too.

Today was Mike's birthday, who just achieved the ripe old age of 30. A fellow fan of The Mint, he decided to have his birthday party there as well. He even ordered a vegan ice cream cake from Maggie Mudd, which was really sweet of him considering Ziggy and I were likely the only vegans there. But he really liked the one I'd ordered for my own birthday, and said no one could tell it was nondairy.

In any case, we had a blast, with all singers in attendance getting plenty of stage time as the place wasn't too crowded on a Sunday afternoon. I actually knew and liked all of Mike's selections: "People are Strange" (Doors), "What's Going On" (Marvin Gaye), and "Pipes of Peace" (Paul McCartney). I asked for requests/suggestions but Mike couldn't think of any, so I sang "Holding Back the Years" (Simply Red) which was the first song he'd heard me sing, at an office karaoke party. Ziggy requested something by Phil Collins so I attempted "Against All Odds" which wasn't too terrible. I later sang "Behind Blue Eyes" as another singer put me in a mood for The Who, and finally "Let's Get Together" (Youngbloods) to complement Mike's peace-and-love theme. Ziggy and I got some decent photos of this happy occasion as well.
Tags: singing
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