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Online karaoke!!

So I glanced at SF Gate (my browser home page) tonight and saw that the featured story was on one of my favorite hobbies, karaoke. The article mentioned a web site called SingShot which lets you record your voice to karaoke music, share it with others, give ratings, enter contests, etc. I was so there!

Having not used my mic and preamp for quite some time, a bit of fiddling with levels was necessary; thanks as always for the help, boyziggy! Also, the site is clearly still in beta and could use some interface improvements and, of course, more songs. But I still found and recorded a few, which didn't come out too poorly, though my voice sounds very slightly out of sync on a couple of them.

Check me out and let me know what you think; so far I've got "Good Morning Starshine" (from Hair - a bit high for my voice but I love the song), and Steely Dan's "Peg" and "Do It Again" (the latter of which you can also watch me doing a live performance of on my Blue Bear page).
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