Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

SoCal trip days 1-2

boyziggy and I are taking a trip to LA, Palm Springs, and San Diego this week. We arrived in LA early Saturday afternoon. Between the delays in the flight and getting a rental car, we didn't get to our hotel until after 3. We still managed to meet up with Ziggy's friend Sammy and a few of her friends in Westwood for a very late lunch at my favorite restaurant on Earth, Native Foods. One in our group was not too impressed with the vegan version of a Reuben, but Ziggy and I enjoyed our nachos, burger, and Caesar salad very much. We also appreciated the unusually warm weather, which ended up being a record 87 degrees.

Later that evening, Ziggy really wanted to find a gourmet tea shop. Unfortunately the Tea Garden and Herbal Emporium he found was closed, and the Boba place I found in Westwood didn't have any soymilk. But we consoled ourselves with desserts from Native Foods, and visited the tea garden the next day.

Today we met up with my friend Amy from Northwestern, her husband Gary and daughter Madeleine (and dog Liebling). It was much cooler today, but I still wore a tank top and shorts. We lunched at another excellent vegan restaurant, Real Food Daily, where we enjoyed super burritos, enchiladas, and chocolate-peanut butter pie, among other treats. Later Ziggy and I went back to that tea shop where we had excellent apple-pie black tea and caramel-apple rooibos, and an interesting tonic that put Ziggy in a very good mood. We also admired the decorations and novelties, including a large, illustrated "Book of Tea" that might be worth picking up back home.

We had Native Foods for dinner again (pizza for Ziggy, soba noodles and veggies for me), and now Ziggy's off to play laser tag. Tomorrow we'll spend time with Amy and her family again, hopefully try another vegan restaurant, and probably do some geocaching.
Tags: travel

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