Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

SoCal trip day 6

Thursday we met with my grandmother for breakfast at a diner down the street for our hotel. Our meals were decidedly non-vegan, but the portions were huge and delicious; I had Hawaiian-influenced french toast, topped with bananas, macademia nuts, and coconut syrup. The weather was chilly but we decided to try going to Legoland in nearby Carlsbad regardless. The freezing walk from the car to the entry gates was enough to convince us to turn around, as we simply hadn't dressed warmly enough; while having coffee shortly afterward, it started to rain, convincing us we'd made the right decision. Considering I've lost count of the number of times I've visited San Diego, and it has rained almost every single time, I have no excuse to forget that I am a Rain Goddess and should pack accordingly. (Either that, or restrict my visits to the summer months.)

Fortunately, my grandmother had tipped us off to a music museum in the area. Although we almost missed it as the outside looked like an office building, the Museum of Making Music was in fact just next to Legoland, and only cost $5 admission vs Legoland's $57. I enjoyed the exhibits, including really odd-looking "harp" guitars which I had never heard of before, synthesizers, and a plexiglass grand piano which I convinced boyziggy to play, to entertain the Red Hat Society ladies touring the museum. His performance went over well with them, and I got a couple of short videos which I'll post as soon as I have reliable Internet access again.

The sun had come out again by the time we left the museum, but we didn't feel like spending $114 for two hours at Legoland, so I ate the $10 parking fee and we went back to Coronado. On the way back we stopped at All Vegan, a "shoes, chocolates, and other necessities" store in University Village, which had a great guide to other San Diego veggie-friendly stores and restaurants. We each bought a new pair of non-leather shoes and a wallet, and also indulged in vegan caramels.

That night we took grandma out to a great Mexican restaurant from the veggie guide, Rancho's, which had delicious vegan cuisine as well as traditional omnivorous fare. I had a trio of enchiladas, containing avocados, refried beans with mole sauce, and tofu, and grandma and I enjoyed margaritas as well.
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