Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

SoCal trip day 7

The last full day of our vacation looked like it might turn out sunny, though the wind still put a chill in the air. I'd planned to spend an hour or two in the morning posting photos and blogging, but our wireless connection flaked out again, and we had to call tech support who discovered it was down for the whole hotel. A service person was dispatched, and meanwhile we went to meet grandma at the Crown City Antiques and Tea Parlour. We had a lovely service, although we didn't go for the full presentation with the little sandwiches; boyziggy and I enjoyed a scrumptious house blend (assam/ceylon/keemun black blend with raspberry and vanilla), with rooibos mango for grandma, and fruit and freshly-baked scones for all. (No soymilk, sadly, but we were likely violating with the scones anyway, and certainly with the lemon curd, which normally contains eggs.) When the server was presenting the different kinds of tea, I immediately recognized one of the blends as being from Adagio, the company I order from regularly for home and work; the owner confirmed this. I ordered six ounces of the house blend to take home.

As the sun stayed out, we went to Balboa Park, but again it was chilly so we spent most of the time indoors at museums. Ziggy enjoyed the model train museum as that had been a childhood hobby of his. I was partial to the Annie Leibovitz exhibit, having always admired her photography. I also admired a number of Buddhist sculptures, marveling at how well the wood carvings have endured since the 13th century.

We rested back at the hotel for a couple of hours, giving me a change to process and attempt to upload more photos when the network connection cooperated. We then went to an all-vegan restaurant we'd found on the veggie list we got yesterday, Kung Food. The tastes and textures of the entrees were amazing; I had a soy chicken parmesan which was almost too close to the real thing for Ziggy. I didn't care for the cafeteria-style ordering or the paper plates and plastic forks, but the dining area was pleasant, and the food made up for it in any case. The coffee cake I got to go was also delicious.

Now Ziggy is out playing laser tag again, while I catch up on blogging. Tomorrow we'll try to hit a final vegan restaurant before heading to the airport for our mid-afternoon flight back to San Francisco. All in all it has been a pleasant vacation.
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