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- I am not doing this "crush" meme. If you have a (secret?) crush on me, please let me know! I could use the ego boost as much as anyone, but I don't need to display a number (which would likely be a very low one, in my case) on my blog.

- I have worked late almost every night this week. Someone (not thomwatson, who has provided great moral support) decided that it would be fine to launch two brand new web sites with less than two weeks' work and our vacant web programmer position still unfilled.

- I have taken the bus home almost every night this week, and last. I hate taking the bus, but after a 10+ hour workday I don't feel like walking home in the cold and dark. Daylight savings comes early this year and will (hopefully) coincide with a more normal work schedule, so I can resume walking both ways (I have still been walking to work almost every day, at least).

- boyziggy is visiting friends and skiing with family all this week and part of next. I miss him of course, but have also gotten spoiled by his housework duties during opera off-season, and the dirty dishes and laundry are piling up. And I'm hungry and cranky and too tired and lazy to cook for myself when I don't get home till after 8 p.m.

- I've also been eating a lot of non-vegan and junk food this week, and am not happy about that fact. (I don't think drinking Coke and eating Pop Tarts really increases my work effectiveness, even if the sugar rush feels good temporarily.)

- I had sharp pains in my nether regions today, which I first attributed to stress and then dreaded possible appendicitis, but upon checking the calendar I realized that it's probably just my damn period about to arrive (now that I'm miraculously regular again in that regard).

- At least 30 of the 49 people currently on my mutual friends list are polyamorous. This is not a coincidence.
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