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Day off - the funcrunch files

Mar. 31st, 2007 09:30 am Day off

I had a rare weekday off on Friday for our staff holiday, Cesar Chavez Day. I did have to do a bit of work in the morning, posting a link to a news release about UCSF's continuing dominance in the U.S. News and World Report, but that didn't take long. Still, as I'd stayed up past 2 a.m. winning another game of Nethack, I was a bit groggy.

I met the lovely (but busy!) airshipjones for lunch at the Crocker Galleria, a nice collection of shops downtown that I've somehow never managed to explore. As the weather was beautiful, I took a number of photos on the way there and back, but wasn't too thrilled with any of them.

Back home I took a long nap, then boyziggy and I headed to the Exploratorium as admission was free for UCSF employees and their families that night. I hadn't been there in years. I like science museums more than those for art as I enjoy hands-on exhibits. We arrived early enough that I could take photos at the beautiful Palace of Fine Arts, but the light wasn't optimal. At least I saw a pair of beautiful swans (and another bird with a face only a mother could love).

Afterward we went to Amici's, which makes tasty pizzas with a soy cheese option. They don't often want to deliver to us since we're technically outside of their delivery area, so it was nice to visit the actual restaurant. All in all, a good day off.

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Date:April 1st, 2007 01:20 am (UTC)
"I met the lovely (but busy!) airshipjones for lunch"

My gods! Miracles DO happen! LOL

Amici's - I've been wanting to try them for years, as my mom said they're reasonably close to good NYC pizza. But the only branches I know of are in San Mateo & Mountain View, where I never go, & by the ballpark, where I almost never go (& when I do, it's to drive past going to & from other places) & probably can't park. Someday, though...

But I take it you like their stuff, yes?