Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Male-male sexuality and humor

So I mentioned the other week that I'd finally gotten around to seeing Borat with boyziggy, and had nearly hurt myself laughing. Anyone who's seen it probably agrees that one of the funniest scenes is the infamous naked wrestling match in the hotel room (later spilling out into the elevator, etc.). After enjoying this movie, however, I couldn't help thinking about other scenes in the mainstream media involving supposedly straight men in similar compromising situations, such as the Richard Simmons appearance on Whose Line is it Anyway which I have also laughed at to the point of gasping for breath. I've shown that latter clip to bi, gay, and straight friends of both genders and all have enjoyed it immensely, and the 114K YouTube views gives me an indication that we're not alone.

What is it that's so funny about seeing men behaving this way? Is it that our society is so repressed about men showing affection to each other that seeing such physical contact creates a joyful release? Or is it funny for some other reason? Or am I just reading too much into this whole phenomenon (or lack thereof)? I'd especially like to hear from my gay and bi male friends on this issue.
Tags: sex

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