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San Francisco Notables benefit

I was reading Josh Kornbluth's blog (joshkqedblog) last night and saw that he would be attending a benefit and silent auction for Creativity Explored tonight at the 111 Minna Gallery. It was very short notice (as most information coming from Josh tends to be) and not cheap, but when I saw that Jonathan Richman would be performing, I couldn't pass up the chance to see two of my favorite SF celebrities under one roof. boyziggy agreed to come too, and we got a few decent photos.

With Josh Kornbluth

We dressed up a bit and took a cab to the gallery, then munched on tasty appetizers (donated by local eateries) and viewed the art. I spied Jonathan sitting on a bench but was too shy to say hello. Eventually Josh showed up, apologizing that he had a cold but happy to see us. I had e-mailed him recently about attending the opening of his upcoming show at the Magic Theatre, Citizen Josh. Regrettably, he told me they're already sold out, so I'll have to find another night to attend.

We were first entertained by Alex Nahas playing a wonderfully weird instrument called a Chapman Stick. Then when Jonathan started playing, Josh ran up to the front with us all beaming and excited; he's an even bigger fan than I am. Definitely check out his hilarious attempt to interview Jonathan for Salon back in '96.

Jonathan's voice was clear, strong, and gorgeous, and guitar playing skillful as usual. I always enjoy his live performances, of which I've seen maybe eight or ten, and should see more; his recordings alone really don't do him justice. My ex-boyfriend Gordon put up one of Jonathan's earliest fan sites, and introduced me to his wonderful music.

Josh repeated that he was very glad he came to the event (despite his cold). I'm glad too; we all had a great time.
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