Pax (funcrunch) wrote,


I've always thought my hair looked better wet. Since I started doing my bi-weekly deep conditioning treatment I've been meaning to take photos of myself during the process, but it seemed rather silly. Plus usually I use so much conditioner (just for this home treatment) that it leaves a visible white film. Tonight though I'm running low so only used half the normal amount, and felt like throwing caution to the wind and putting up some photos so here they are.

Wet hair

I'd appreciate any comments on composition, expression, lighting, etc. As usual this was basically a point-and-shoot with all automatic settings. On a tripod since boyziggy was busy (and I've nearly always preferred self-portraits anyway - more narcissism). I forgot to turn off the image stabilization (recommended for tripod shots) until later in the shoot; not sure if it made much of a difference.
Tags: photography

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