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Busy week, socially

I went to a nice potluck tonight, invited by airshipjones on rather short notice but very happy to enjoy his company. Wednesday night boyziggy and I attend his friend Danielle's birthday party. Saturday is my usual band rehearsal (though voice lesson is cancelled this week) and a party at mikz's. Sunday I see the_ogre. Friday I was hoping I might see zabster but she's too busy with schoolwork, and she and lrc are still recovering from illness and multiple computer failures, poor things.

Just as well to have Thursday and Friday to myself as I really need the time to work on my music. Ziggy was nice enough to photocopy one song for me at the library today; the rest I'll have to learn by ear or hope other bandmates will provide charts (unlikely).

After the East Bay potluck tonight I took BART to Powell and found that the cable car was broken down; having walked up the hill before, I braved the chill (dressed very inadequately for today's winds) and started hiking, with stops at Walgreens (out of conditioner) and Starbucks (hot chocolate fuel!). Every time I make this walk I am grateful I can make full use of my legs. They really are my most preferred means of transportation.

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