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Saturday my voice lesson was canceled (well in advance; blueclews had other stuff going on) so I had a bit of time to sleep in and work on music. I'd asked my bandmates to upload MP3s of their songs but not all had done so yet, so I bought the remaining ones from the iTunes Store and put them all on a private web site, along with lyrics and the three charts I'd managed to finish. I listened to every song a couple of times and picked out keyboard parts in the few that had any. I must say I'm not particularly thrilled with our setlist, which contains a lot more hard rock than I prefer. But it is good to stretch myself musically.

Once in class, there were a couple of amusing exchanges between our teacher (Spooner) and the drummer (B). Spooner came in asking if any of us were smokers. B said he had just quit but had a pack out in his truck. Spooner asked B if he could get the keys to the truck to go get a smoke; B was incredulous but ended up walking out to the truck with him. B fortunately did not succumb to temptation himself, letting Spooner have the whole pack.

Later, we were going over the U2 song One (which is good though I've heard it done way too often at The Mint), and Spooner was telling B he wasn't playing this particular beat right. B insisted that he was playing it correctly; Spooner eventually went over to the drumset to demonstrate what he meant. B said with his adorable Scottish accent "I guess we'd better tell Larry he doesn't know how to play his own song then!" Spooner said, "Who's Larry?" (Even I'd figured out he was talking about U2's drummer.) B said "I've seen him play it fifty times, man! That's not the fucking beat I tell you!" Spooner still insisted that it was. It was really funny.

Soon after getting home I headed out again for mikz's housewarming. Had some good conversation with pure_agnostic and hopeforyou, among others, and pure_agnostic was kind enough to offer a ride home, which was much appreciated given the late hour and the rain. (boyziggy was away on a ski trip.)

Today I had a nice date with the_ogre. Among other things, I enjoyed looking at his artwork and playing with his very friendly cat. I also showed him my Flickr Moo MiniCards, of which he took several (yay!). We share an interest in photography so may go out on a photo shoot, which will be fun.
Tags: photography, singing

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