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My voice lesson was canceled again on Saturday, so I used the late morning/early afternoon to practice music since I hadn't done so all week (out two nights and home late after a 12-hour day editing video and audio Friday). Later that afternoon, we had a pretty good band rehearsal, despite one of our guitarists being out sick. We ended up spending over an hour on one of the songs she'd picked, Cold Hard Bitch by J.E.T.; she had offered to sing it when I expressed distaste, but as she was out I got to spend an hour singing these quality lyrics over and over. (The drummer wasn't thrilled either, this being the one song he hadn't practiced yet.)

That evening boyziggy and I went to a nice Beltane ritual and private party, which I may write more about later (friendslocked if I do). We left around 2 a.m., missing the freeway collapse by less than two hours. zahraa and zyxwvut actually saw it as it happened, and mikz was there not long after.

Today Ziggy and I went with thomwatson and jefftabaco to see the Capitol Steps at the JCCSF. They were quite funny, performing political satire set to popular tunes. I'd heard them described as sort of D.C.'s version of the Mime Troupe but they're quite different, as the Troupe writes all of its own music and has a staged play with a plot. Both are well worth seeing.
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