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Yay and boo

Yay: boyziggy bought me these very comfy running shoes (though I'm only using them for walking at the moment), which arrived yesterday.

Boo: I cut my foot while getting ready for work this morning, and had to take the bus instead of walking.

Yay: Photos I took at a Native American Health Alliance event are being featured on the UCSF web site this week.

Yay: I had spontaneous get-togethers with three friends this week: saizai, the_ogre, and obadiah.

Boo: I've fallen asleep on the couch twice this week and have been eating like crap at work.

Yay: I have successfully avoided playing Nethack since my last ascension April 22.

Boo(?): I found out today that Sims 2: Seasons is finally coming out for Mac later this month, and must have it.
Tags: fitness, photography, work

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