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Icon/interest meme

the_ogre posted this:

Make a comment in this entry. I'll go to your profile, pick 3 userpics and interests, and then you explain them in your journal. Include this text or not.

Here are the ones of mine he wanted 'splained:


This is me singing the Bob Hillman song Secret Masterpieces at my wedding; you can see the full video here (make sure you have RealPlayer installed first).

This is a photo lrc took of me at the Metreon, when I was there having dinner with him, zabster and boyziggy. Larry covets my camera, and I was letting him play with it. ;-)

This icon was used for a post during Blog Against Racism week, in response to a post by waterowl.


Alfred Bester: One of my favorite authors, second only to Ursula K Le Guin (and perhaps Douglas Adams). I especially love The Stars My Destination (I prefer the original title of Tiger, Tiger!), and also much enjoyed The Demolished Man and many of his short stories. His writing is particularly creative, even by speculative fiction standards. For example, the illustrations of an episode of synesthesia in Tiger, Tiger! are quite impressive, given the limitations of the traditional book medium at the time.

Thelonius Monk: My favorite jazz composer. Straight, No Chaser is one of my favorites, and Blue Monk was regularly performed as a set opener by my jazz workshop, the Albany Jazz Project. I'm currently trying to learn to sing 'Round Midnight well enough to do it justice.

Nethack: My favorite computer game. I've been playing since my ex introduced me to it back in '93. It took me a full year to win ("ascend") for the first time. Just this year I started playing regularly on a public server, and have fairly decent track record, especially considering all of my winning games have kept at least one conduct (my first NAO ascension, and highest-scoring game on that server, had four). I regularly post about my ascensions on Usenet, in

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