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Following the cable car line

Faced with another day of staying home playing the Sims, avoiding necessary housework and other tasks, I bodily forced myself out of my desk chair and out into the scary sunny world. Wielding nothing but my digital camera and a vague notion of heading towards Yerba Buena Gardens, I began to follow the cable car line.

For those of your who aren't familiar with our Rice-a-Ronimobiles (or so I fondly think of them from childhood commercial memories), they aren't exactly the speediest of vehicles. If I see one a block or so ahead, there is no need to run to catch it. I watched one lumber down the street in front of me, not wanting to cross against the light (unlike 99.44% of people I know and see). I easily caught up at the next intersection, but decided that I would rather walk after all than hang off the edge with the tourists.

The walk started out pleasant enough, downhill and nothing I hadn't accomplished before. Then rather suddenly I realized that the sidewalks were getting more crowded. And more. And MORE. Where did all you people come from?? I don't care if it's a sunny summer day in one of the world's top tourist destinations, just get out of my way!! Sigh, even the freaks on Telegraph in Berkeley were more tolerable than this crushing nonsense...

Having once again broken my cardinal rule of not leaving the house hungry without a Plan, I opted for a plain soft pretzel. My vague notion of visiting Yerba Buena became firmer as I realized I could indeed arrive in time to watch the Mime Troupe show at 2 p.m. I'd have to forgo a more substantial lunch, but I could sit next to Ziggy, the Sound Guy. Sure, I had seen the show three times already, but Ziggy had asked me to consider taking photos as it was a nice location.

Well, I did take photos, but they didn't come out too great, so you don't get to see them. The show was fun - it's come a long way since opening day on the Fourth of July. I'm so happy Ziggy got a job working for the Troupe because they're perfectly aligned politically, and he can really make use of his skills. It's such hard work though; really physically demanding for the whole cast and crew, nothing that I would ever want to do. (Check out last Friday's article in the SF Chronicle, they did a good write-up.)

Back at home I finally went up on the roof of our building and took some photos, which I've been meaning to do since before we moved in. Actually we had to jump to the roof of the next building (only a foot away) to get the best shots. Well, those photos also didn't come out too great, so you don't get to see them either. Just picture Coit Tower and the Bay Bridge.

P.S. Still can't stop listening to Bob Hillman. You just gotta love lyrics like

Who needs a summer when you've got autonomy
From Denmark and ninety-eight percent literacy?

(from "Greenland", although "Valentine's Day" is still my favorite song, and would probably be much more poignant if I weren't in a good relationship right now.)

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