Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Musical Saturday

Yesterday we had an interesting rehearsal, as two of our five were away for the long weekend: Christina our bass player, and Djuna, one of our guitarists. So Bill Spooner picked up the bass part, amazingly learning most of each song just by listening to the recording once (of course we had gone over all of them in class by now, but he had been playing along on guitar if at all then), and Mike picked up some of Djuna's parts. Bill and I had a bit of an argument over the ending of one of the songs I picked, which he insisted was "too wimpy" for live performance. I thought it was just dandy, myself. Though I agreed that the endings of some of the other songs in the set wouldn't work that well. And of course anything that fades out on a recording just won't do live.

Also, I had trouble trying to manage keyboard + singing whenever Bill threw me some new keys parts to learn. I normally have no trouble learning voice parts from a recording, but for piano I really need to either have the notes all written out or spend some significant time listening (and then writing them out anyway). I can't just play by ear like boyziggy does naturally.

In any case, as stressful as it might be on the spot, the important thing is that I'm being challenged. When I took another rock workshop with Bill a couple years ago as a singer only, I was mostly ignored. And when I played a bit of keyboard for the classic rock workshop in December, I was pretty much allowed to do as much or little as I liked. It's good to be pushed a bit beyond my comfort level, musically.

Last night Mike and I went to see my jazz workshop teacher and awesome sax player Jim Peterson accompany Mitch Woods at Biscuit and Blues. It was a lively set, with virtuoso playing, singalongs, jokes, and general merriment. The drinks were tasty but quite strong, to the point where we both chose nonalcoholic beverages for our required seconds. I'll definitely be checking this place out again, perhaps even for dinner as they have a couple of veggie items on the Southern menu. Meanwhile, looking forward to seeing Jim play again at the House of Seafood and Blues (aka Condor Club) on June 6.
Tags: concert, singing

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