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Thursday - Saw the Cypress Spring Quartet in a free lunchtime performance, the last of the Chancellor's Concert Series this season and probably the last that will be held in my office building (as the renovations on the Parnassus auditorium should be completed by fall). They performed Dvorak's "American" Quartet (Op. 96), which was enjoyable.

Seeing this performance brought back memories of my parents rehearsing chamber music in the living room of our house in West Virginia. I phoned both parents today. Mom (waves to badbethany) is very much looking forward to retiring in two weeks, after teaching music in the Pittsburgh (PA) Public Schools for over twenty years. Dad is done playing cello with the Southwest Florida Symphony for the season, but keeping busy playing weddings and other gigs. Both enjoyed the photo prints I sent them (after long procrastination on my part). I used QOOP to make a calendar and a couple of posters from my Flickr photos, which I have copies of at work; they have received praise from co-workers there.

Friday night I had another lovely date with the_ogre, including watching one of my favorite movies, Stop Making Sense, the classic Talking Heads concert film. I was surprised he hadn't seen it yet since he's so into music films; he now intends to get himself a copy.

Saturday was my usual voice lesson and band rehearsal. I talked with Vicki about possibly switching my lesson to a weeknight once the workshop's over, to free up my Saturdays. Though with boyziggy working most Saturdays and the_ogre normally spending that time with his other sweeties, it's not critical that I make the change right away. The 1:30 lesson time, originally selected for 2 p.m. so that I could sleep in, really bisects the day and makes planning extended weekend activities difficult, though for now it fits in well with my 3:30 rehearsal.

Rehearsal went OK. We actually got though every song in the set (11; we dropped one by mutual consent), with time to work in-depth on a few problem spots. Bill's still trying to convince us to do a different ending for my Stellastarr song, which I find annoying, especially since several other songs in the set have much more ambiguous endings and he hasn't complained about those. I was, however, excited to see that Blue Bear has a acquired a Yamaha CP33 digital piano, which is precisely the model I've been thinking about buying for myself. I enjoyed playing it; if we use it for the show, it will be much easier to select instruments on it than on the Korg M1 I was using; although there are fewer options, they are clearly labeled and sufficient for our set.

Last night and today I've been playing Nethack as part of this month's tournament. I originally wanted to go for the Hat Trick trophy, which would require ascending characters with both genders, all three alignments, and all five races. But between my concert coming up this month and enjoying a more active social life, I think I will have to settle on a smaller goal. I should be able to manage three ascensions with a reasonable amount of playtime. I have a promising dwarven archaeologist game going now, and am confident in that race/role combo as I ascended the same offline not too long ago.

Diet and exercise are going well. I'm taking renewed pleasure in preparing and eating healthy foods. My meals are based on rice, oatmeal, potatoes, and yams, with the addition of beans, green and yellow veggies, and fruits. I'm trying to walk at least one direction to/from work each day, and hope to either recommit to walking both ways every day, or start jogging on some mornings again. Getting to bed earlier will be crucial in either case. Even if that means sacrificing some Nethack tournament trophies. ;-)
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