Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Life is good.

I went jogging this morning for the first time all year. Getting up at 5:30 a.m. wasn't easy, and I didn't manage to leave the house till after 6, but I made it up and over the Hyde Street hill. The shoes boyziggy bought me are just as wonderful for running as for walking. I had tears in my eyes seeing the view of the Bay, Alcatraz, and the Golden Gate Bridge blanketed in fog; it had been awhile. At Aquatic Park, I ran past the Maritime Museum, seeing it was now closed till 2009 for renovations. Doubled back past swimmers in wetsuits. Briefly pondered waiting for the cable car, decided to walk up the steep - really steep - part of the hill instead, resuming running when it leveled out. Home - exhausted wave to Ziggy, gulped some OJ, set about cooking breakfast. Tea and oatmeal never, ever tasted so good.

Work - tired all day from the run. I don't get the endorphin-fueled "runner's high" people talk about; I do enjoy the fresh air and the fitness benefits, but am relieved rather than energized when the actual workout is over.

This afternoon, I got to play with a real digital SLR: the Canon 5D, which my office is considering purchasing. While we'd be buying it for journalistic purposes, my co-worker who proposed this model encouraged me to try it out for taking photos of flowers, which I did. The fatigue, strong winds, unfamiliarity and heavy (to me) weight of the camera and lens all negatively affected my performance, but I think I still managed a couple of good shots.

Tonight, I went to an Oakland A's baseball game with pure_agnostic, who generously provided the tickets, and sojournscoffe. I hadn't been to a game at the A's stadium in a good ten years, though I'd seen several Giants games since. It was fun, though as is usual in such events I enjoyed the company more than the game itself, as I'm not a big sports fan (baseball being normally the only mainstream pro sport I'll even watch). Some very good action happened on the field, however, including three double plays. Oh, and we won, beating the Red Sox 2-0. :-)
Tags: fitness, photography

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