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Saturday afternoon rehearsal was canceled/postponed as two of our members were out of town, but I had a very good voice lesson. I sung through about half of the songs in our set from memory, only forgetting a few notes on the piano in a couple of the songs. It was very helpful to have Vicki "on book" while I confirmed that I could actually sing without looking at the lyrics. The parts where I'm singing and playing at the same time are still challenging however.

Later that afternoon I went to Haight-Ashbury, where I ran into zahraa and we chatted for a bit. I then took myself out to dinner at Massawa, where I stuffed myself with delicious Eritrean cuisine (lentils, spinach, injera bread, Guava juice). Did a bit of shopping for my upcoming concert; failed to find anything suitable in a timely fashion. Went to Buena Vista Park and took some photos of flowers, playing around with aperture-priority mode; this yellow one came out pretty well. Then I met my co-worker Nada to get a ride to my boss's party.

This was a combined birthday party for thomwatson and jefftabaco; Thom's birthday is next month and Jeff's was last month. It's also been a year since they moved to DC (Daly City) from DC (Washington). It was a fun tiki-themed evening. I took photos of course. My friend John's four-year-old daughter was adorable, handing out leis at the door and generally looking like a little princess, when she wasn't making faces for the camera.

This morning I met boyziggy at the opera for a "family day" brunch. The tech departments have brunch every Sunday, but for Father's Day (and perhaps other occasions) invite their spouses to join in. I thought I'd dress up a bit, and try on some new sandals; they were so uncomfortable, I ended up having to take the bus, and my feet and legs still hurt. Still, I enjoyed my visit; Ziggy's co-workers and boss always treat me very nicely. I marveled at the set for today's show, Iphigénie en Tauride, which I think sets a new record for minimalism.

Tonight I won my second game of the Nethack tournament, a chaotic male orcish Barbarian. It was a tough one and I'm glad it's over, but still definitely fun and earned my team a lot of points. I'll probably play a Monk next.
Tags: photography, singing

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