Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Rehearsal and Jaiku meetup

Last night I got through the entire set without looking at my music, with very few mistakes in lyrics. The catch: I wasn't playing keyboard, as we were rehearsing at the drummer's house and I didn't bring any equipment. I wasn't amplified either, thus had I made mistakes, likely my bandmates would not have noticed. ;-)

Part of the reason I didn't schlep any equipment along was that I was going to a reception right afterward, for Jaiku, a sort of microblogging Web 2.0 company involved with this week's Supernova conference. (I'm funcrunch there too if anyone wants to check it out; not sure if I'll use it much.) The meetup was originally supposed to be in SOMA, but was quite fortuitously moved to a larger location, two blocks away from my rehearsal, at the last minute. In any case, I wanted to attend specifically to meet Leo Laporte, whose podcasts and tech shows I have enjoyed for years. And I did! :-)

With Leo Laporte

I took a bunch of other photos too of course. The wacky Finns hosting the event get extra special credit for making it snow in the Mission. As I was leaving, I loved seeing people walking down Valencia Street looking up and going "WTF?!?"
Tags: photography, singing

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