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Friday night the_ogre and I went out to dinner at my favorite restaurant, Herbivore (I love having an omnivorous sweetie who will go happily to vegan restaurants with me!), and then to see Tortoise and the The Fucking Champs at The Independent. Both bands were excellent, but I'm too tired to give them the write-up they deserve, so I direct you to the_ogre's comprehensive review.

Saturday I had a good voice lesson, closing in on the elusive three octaves in my warmups (low B to high Bb) thanks in part to using the Neti pot for a change. I'll have to remember to do that before my show. Rehearsal was excellent; our drummer was out, but the bass player from one of our guitarist's other band filled in, and did an amazing job, especially considering he a) had never heard most of our songs and b) hadn't really played the drums in years. This was our last rehearsal with Bill Spooner; most of us are going to try to get together again Monday night, and then the show's Thursday. Coming down to the wire!!

Today I went to Pride, but was lonely as boyziggy and the_ogre were both working, and I hadn't made arrangements to meet anyone else there. I hung around for a couple of hours, took some photos (not great; and you may need to adjust your Yahoo "safety" prefs to see the nudie ones), bought a couple of nice batik dresses (one of which I might wear for my show), and called it a day.

Tonight I won my third and probably final game in the June Nethack tournament; write-up here. Net-hacking was fun but I need to reserve time and energy for the concert now.
Tags: singing

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