Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Show tonight: Send energy, please.

Would have liked to get a solid night's sleep before my Blue Bear show tonight, but last night I went to cheer on our bass player Christina in her other band. They were great, but I didn't get home till after midnight, then I had trouble getting to sleep. Fortunately, I'd already asked thomwatson if I could leave early today, so I will have time to get a nap in. Maybe two naps, if I sneak one in during lunch. ;-)

I'm really bummed that boyziggy's going to miss my performance for the first time; his boss wouldn't give him the night off (reason being that he's too valuable, which is of course a Good Thing). Tonight's opera probably won't be out till 11. He'll come over immediately after but will probably miss our whole set even if we end late (which we very likely will). Fortunately, the_ogre will be there for me, and will take photos. Hope to see many of you there tonight as well! :-)
Tags: singing

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