Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Blue Bear concert

Thursday night I performed in the very last of twelve Blue Bear band workshop shows: Contemporary Bands, taught by Bill Spooner (formerly of The Tubes). It was a lot of fun, and I felt good about the performance. I especially enjoyed singing with my friend and co-worker Mike; one of his friends commented that our voices blended well. Djuna, our other guitar player, also sang well, and a highlight for me was at the end of the stellastarr* (a favorite of boyziggy's) song I'd picked, "Somewhere Across Forever", where all three of us were singing at once. I was happy that Mike's girlfriend Christina, who played bass, picked some songs with fun lyrics: "Bohemian Like You" by the Dandy Warhols and "Fake Tale of San Francisco" by the Arctic Monkeys. I had never heard of most of these bands, much less songs, before we started rehearsals, so this workshop was a good education in modern rock music for me.

I'm happy it all came together despite various scheduling problems that prevented our band from rehearsing as a full group for at least two weeks before the show. We didn't even get a proper sound check; hazards of going last of the night. None of us played or sang perfectly, but overall everything came out fine.

Christina and Djuna were both in other bands this term too; I took photos at Christina's show the night before. I love her band name, "Secretly Mormon". My own, "Lost the Plot", was suggested by our drummer.

Thanks to the many friends who came out at such a late hour to support me, some of whom even brought friends of their own!

- the_ogre, who stayed to support me all night while boyziggy was working, and also took photos, thanks sweetie!

- Jon who brought his wife Carol and bandmate Albert from SwingJig

- My wonderful voice teacher blueclews

- obadiah who has been very supportive of my singing

- zyxwvut and zahraa, who brought a friend I don't know if is on LJ

- zabster who is walking much better now, yay!

- brian1789 which was a nice surprise

- mikz who asked if he could hire us to play a gig (!)

- My wonderful wonderful boyziggy who hired a co-worker to record audio for us in his absence, and then managed to make it there for the last few songs of the set!

Apologies if I forgot anyone; it was a whirlwind of a night. I'm really glad I took the next day off, so I could sleep in and then spend a nice relaxed day with the_ogre.

I hired Damon Molloy to film us as usual, and will be producing DVDs and hopefully putting clips online for anyone who'd like to see the show. It will take at least a couple of weeks as Ziggy needs to help me with the sound and he's about to go to Texas for a lasertag tournament for a week (!)

I'm already signed up for another workshop, R&B/Soul, which starts Monday night - yikes! Rock on...
Tags: concert, photography, singing

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