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Music, etc.

The day following my concert, I took vacation leave and the_ogre and I had a nice relaxed day. I made vegan French toast with fruit and tempeh bacon, both of which got the omnivore nod of approval. We then hopped a cable car and played tourist, walking along the Aquatic Park pier to take photos, lunching and having decidedly non-vegan desserts (sorry boyziggy!) at Ghiradelli Square.

Saturday was my usual voice lesson. We talked about my concert and about an upcoming recital (October 17 - more details closer to the date) for blueclews's students. I'll probably do a couple of jazz standards for that show. Meanwhile, Christina's bandmate Curt dropped off the videotapes from his concert so I could make them a DVD. I don't usually edit video that's not my own, except of course for UCSF-related stuff, but they needed someone and I figured it would be good practice. I'm about halfway through and should finish by week's-end; it will be easier than editing my own concert footage as there's no separate audio to mix in.

Sunday I went to The Mint for karaoke with Mike. Christina was working and not too many others came. Frank and Patrick came for awhile but Patrick had a headache and couldn't sing. I auditioned songs for my R&B class (more on that later): Stevie Wonder's "You are the Sunshine of My Life" (sung a few times before) and Johnny Nash's "I Can See Clearly Now" (not sung at the Mint before). I also sang "The Logical Song" by Supertramp, which is one of my favorites though I'd never attempted it before. We had to wait a long time in between songs as these two queens were completely hogging the stage, singing to each other, passing the mic back and forth, squealing, and generally hamming it up. They were really good singers, but annoying after awhile. On the plus side, comedienne Marga Gomez was also there, with a group of girlfriends having a good time. I actually didn't recognize her until Frank pointed her out.

Tonight was my first class of the R&B/Soul workshop with Steve Kirk. While I was disappointed when I found Jim Peterson wouldn't be teaching the class, the Blue Bear program director Dennis told me the Steve was really good with vocalists. He sure was right! We worked on three-part harmony for "I Can See Clearly Now", and it sounded great. I was glad I decided to bring in the sheet music for that song, as it wasn't one of my original choices. But I could tell he thought "You are the Sunshine of My Life" was a bit too "pop" for this class. We're also blessed with a really talented drummer (a ringer, actually, as no one signed up), and the rest of us (guitar, bass, keyboard, vocals) all have a decent amount of group playing experience. Looks and sounds like it's going to be a fun workshop. Show will be sometime during the week of September 17.

Ziggy's at this moment in Texas gearing up for a laser tag tournament; he'll be there all week. Not sure yet what I'm doing for the Fourth of July. Maybe I'll just go up to the roof of the building next to ours and watch fireworks. I got some pretty good shots from there on New Year's Eve.
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