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I am too tired to make my usual hyperlink-rich post. So instead I give you my new-ish LJ icon, photo by the_ogre. I think it's a good one!

Last week, I went to see my co-worker Al play guitar at Caffe Trieste with his Phantom City bandmate Steve and also with Anafaith. I invited the_ogre, not realizing that he had actually known Steve and his girlfriend for years. Small world!

R&B/Soul workshop still going well, mostly. Half the band was late for this week's rehearsal and last, due to traffic. Plus two people out (scheduled) this week. Since it was just me and the bass player for awhile, when I mentioned that I couldn't hit the high notes (in "Higher and Higher", ironically) because I hadn't done an adequate vocal warmup, the teacher (Steve) led me through one. Bill, from my last workshop, never would have done that; he just made fun of me and started singing the original Star Trek theme whenever I warmed up within earshot. Steve also was very irritated about the others being late, as he says he's always on time or even early himself. I think I'm smitten...

The Stevie Wonder song we started working on, "I Wish", is truly awesome. Though I'd gotten it out of the library, I didn't have time or energy to transcribe, so Steve worked out an arrangement, including horn parts (which he's covering on guitar), on the spot. Too bad the other singer's probably taking the lead on this one when she gets back.

But I did get to sing "I Wish" at the Mint, as Mike, Christina and I went there for karaoke on Saturday. Also did my old standbys, "Abacab" and "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me", and attempted "Close Every Door" from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, which was a disaster even after I adjusted the key.

Saturday night I had a very good time with a small group of very yummy people. Was up quite late, and feeling groggy most of Sunday, so I played Nethack (four game winning streak, looking good for five) rather than work on anything useful till evening. Then I had a five-hour video editing marathon session, wanting to get the video for my recent concert finished even though boyziggy wasn't quite done tweaking the sound yet. I figure I can slip in the new audio file later without re-editing as long as the length doesn't change. Hopefully Ziggy will finish the audio this week, before he has to go back to the opera full-time.

I exported the videos to Flash and to iPod video format, letting the computer grind away on them after I went to bed, and invited Mike to watch with me at lunch on Monday. He was very disappointed that he couldn't hear his playing on a lot of the songs. It was the crappy guitar amp that was the problem, along with the completely inadequate sound check, not the recorded audio or the mix. I felt bad for him. He could still be heard singing and on solos though. I'm not incredibly happy with my own performance, but think I did pretty well on at least a couple of songs.

I've been doing a lot of other video editing too. I finished the whole DVD for Christina's jam band while Ziggy was out of town. Unfortunately the last track didn't play right on the guitar player's DVD player, and especially since he's paying me for it, I need to figure out how to fix it. It's hard to trace the error as it works fine on my various players, and I even made a couple of different formats, DVD+R and DVD-R, to try to avoid compatibility problems. As I needed to make a small change to the song menu anyway, I burned a couple replacement DVDs which I'm hopefully handing off to him soon, and we'll go from there.

And for work I've spent the last week filming and editing footage for the National Student Leadership Conference at Gladstone, UCSF Mission Bay. I'm not very comfortable behind the camera, but my co-worker who has done most of our shoots got promoted recently, and it's doubtful she'll have time or desire to be behind the camcorder anymore. I do enjoy editing, however. I'm teaching myself how to use the Motion program from Final Cut Studio to do simple animation. My first attempt, with this Gladstone video, should be up tomorrow or Friday.
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