Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Are we back up yet? (And misc.)

Home sick today, so of course the power would go out. Right near the end of a Nethack game. At least I managed to finish it in between outages, and more importantly, confirmed that our emergency lights and UPS are in good working order.

After the fifth time the power went out I called PG&E, as other than the lack of cable cars going by I couldn't easily tell if the outage went beyond my building. By the time they phoned back things were stable, though I felt I shouldn't dare turn on my desktop Mac again. Still feeling ill anyway, I camped out on the couch with the laptop, intermittently napping and reading SF Gate and other coverage of the event. I felt a great sense of schadenfreude at reading how the 365 Main data center had just today posted a press release congratulating themselves for providing two years of uninterrupted uptime to Red Envelope. (PR now removed, naturally, but has been archived elsewhere, too lazy to look right now...)

Anyway, last few days: Had dinner Saturday night with the_ogre and boyziggy at the Nob Hill Cafe, a little Italian restaurant just down the street. I'd never eaten there, Italian being notoriously unfriendly to vegans, but I haven't been at all strict lately. I did choose a dish without cheese (angel hair with yummy tomatoes and basil), and Ziggy got a cheeseless pizza. Then Aaron and I made a brief appearance at a party, not staying long as he had to work the next day.

Sunday I finished the DVD for my recent rock concert, Ziggy having finally finished editing the sound. I haven't burned any copies other than an initial test yet, as I needed to make a final tweak to the DVD menu, which I did today once the power was stable. I hope to make clips available online publicly soon, but I'm waiting to make sure that's OK with the other band members. Meanwhile, I also did some work on music for my class, specifically "Lady Marmalade" which is challenging with its two-octave range (low G to high F#, which I'm sure is no problem for Patti LaBelle...) I also took the chart I'd gotten from my voice teacher and added the backing vocals and instrumental section to it, working them out from the recording as best I could.

Monday in workshop we spent most of the time on "I Wish", which was somewhat frustrating as we'd already worked on it quite a bit last week, but the other singer and keyboard player were out then. I wished I had not passed by the sandwich place where I'd planned to grab dinner on the way, as I would have had plenty of time to eat it. When there was a half hour left to go we were finally ready to work on another song, so I got to sing Marmalade. The teacher, Steve, praised my chart several times, which made me very happy. I definitely need to work more on the high notes, and to work out the harmony with the other singer. I'd put the recording online weeks ago, but she hadn't listened to it because she thought someone was going to give her a CD. And next week I'm out, then she's out for three weeks. Oh well.

Last night I was supposed to meet Vicki at Enrico's which recently reopened in North Beach, but was feeling too tired and achy, and still was this morning which is why I stayed home. I should be OK for work tomorrow though. Just hoping not to get really sick before our trip to Santa Cruz this weekend.
Tags: singing

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