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Misc - the funcrunch files

Aug. 8th, 2007 10:53 pm Misc

I recently finished ascending every class on the nethack.alt.org server (which is down at the moment; not my doing, honest!) Took about seven months, but I didn't play at all in the month of May (taking a break before the big June tournament). I'd already won with every class offline, but not all with the current version, so it was good to do it again for "proof".

Not long after my last Nethack game I finally went out and bought the latest Sims 2 expansion pack, "Seasons". It's fun gardening again, and the weather effects are pretty nice. My virtual cats, a custom-designed Lynx-point Siamese and Russian Blue that I was hoping to breed, hate each other and fight daily. At least the Sims for boyziggy and myself still get along famously (and are both bi and poly just like in real life ;-) )

I also thought I might get back into Second Life after reading that they'd implemented voice support, but I had a hard time getting it to work, and a hard time finding anyone else online using it so that I could test. I may try again at some point, especially if I can borrow Ziggy's Bluetooth headset. I'm still paying monthly for my virtual land after all.

R&B class is going OK. With the other singer out for several weeks, I'm learning the lead parts for everything just in case. This week we worked on a great old Aretha Franklin blues song, "It Won't Be Long". We still only have six songs and need at least a couple more for the set, which we'll hopefully finalize by the end of the next class.

I'm feeling very sluggish in general. Part of it is definitely my diet; I didn't stick to that healthy whole-foods regime for long, and am back to my evil junk-food ways. Still walking, though not usually both directions (to/from work) anymore, and I get worn out more easily. I really need a serious physical and mental reset to improve things, and am not sure how to accomplish that.

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