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Keeping busy, socially

Several days of of social contact in a row, besides work and boyziggy, is a lot for me. As I mentioned yesterday I had enjoyable times the past few days with Curt, the_ogre, and kragen. Today I went to Berkeley to see the Mime Troupe in Live Oak Park with hopeforyou, pure_agnostic and his daughter. I should have brought reading material and worn shorts (despite the chillier San Francisco weather when I left) as I was in direct sunlight for over an hour before they arrived. But we had time to hang out afterward and eat tasty gelato.

boyziggy is off to Europe for the first time tomorrow, spending most of his trip in London at a laser tag tournament. I won't see him again till next Tuesday. But I will still be keeping busy, with my R&B class Monday, an extra rehearsal for same Tuesday, a Shim Sham Rebellion concert at 12 Galaxies on Wednesday (though I'm not sure if anyone's coming along with me to that), and the_ogre's birthday party Saturday. So I imagine I'll enjoy some solitude in the remaining time I have to myself before Ziggy returns.

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