Pax (funcrunch) wrote,


boyziggy is still playing laser tag in London and the_ogre had a birthday BBQ planned for Saturday, so I canceled my voice lesson and spent the weekend with him. Friday night I spent at his place with his wife and Mom (who is very cool BTW) watching an excellent movie, The Motorcycle Diaries. I had meant to see this ever since seeing a trailer for it, as I enjoyed the lead actor Gael Garcia Bernal from seeing him previously in Y Tu Mama Tambien. But in this film it was the cinematography that was most astounding, along with the story itself and the many characters encountered on the travels of a young Che Guevara through 1950's South America. Highly recommended viewing.

Saturday we went to Menlo Park for the BBQ. Lots of friends, food, and good times. I took photos of course. I added a bunch of people there to my LJ friends list, so if you're wondering who this weird funcrunch person is who added you and I didn't give you one of my MiniMoo cards, now you know.

Saturday night we went to another party and had more good times. Got back to SF quite late and sadly but not surprisingly could not find street parking, so sprung for a garage so Aaron could stay over. Left around noon. I need to do laundry and stuff today but didn't sleep much so am taking it easy for now.

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