Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Going mobile

I'm in the market for a new cell phone, and a new PDA. I figured getting the two items in one device would be the smartest plan. After much research I decided I that I wanted to get the Treo 600. It has basically everything I want except Bluetooth, which I may be able to add through an expansion slot. But that 600 isn't just a model number; it's also the retail price of the phone. Since I paid less than that for my last Windows PC, I wanted to make sure I was making the right decision.

I went with boyziggy to a Sprint Store yesterday to try one out. We had to wait a good 10 minutes for another couple to finish playing with it before we got a chance. The buttons on the keyboard are really small. The ads say that they're domed and therefore should be easy to use, but I had some trouble (and I don't have huge thumbs). Still, I decided that I could probably get used to it, and typing with my thumbs would be better than using a stylus (as neat as Graffiti is, I still make mistakes and get hand cramps). More importantly, if the keys were any larger, the device would be too big (like the previous Treo 300 model).

So of course, the Sprint Store didn't have any in stock, and didn't know when they would get them in. The online Sprint Store gave error messages when I tried to order. The PalmOne store (formerly Handspring, which makes the phone) gave confusing options, and Amazon didn't have any in stock, and a 4-6 week ETA. Aaargh!

I don't have an immediate need to upgrade my current cell phone (Samsung Uproar) or PDA (Palm Vx), so I suppose I should just wait. I don't really need the whiz-bang features that they're bundling with many new phones and PDAs anyway, like a camera (though it would be handy for quick low-quality shots, I already have a dedicated digital camera) or an MP3 player (I have an iPod). But it is a pain having my cell phone and PDA out of sync, and needing the extra pocket and purse space to carry both. Also, I would really like to browse the web on my phone, even though that feature will add significantly to my monthly costs.

Maybe I should just wait to see if Handspring/PalmOne comes out with a Bluetooth-enabled version later, or drops the price. I can always use USB to sync, but I did specifically get a Bluetooth card in my G5 to use with a cell phone or PDA, and there are very few Bluetooth phones supported by Sprint at this time. (And I do want to stay with Sprint.) Ziggy thinks I should just wait because the "smartphone" technology is still in its infancy. True, and we do have the wedding to budget for, so perhaps my $600 would be better spent elsewhere for the moment.

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