Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Jazz recital

Last night's recital at the Octavia Lounge went pretty well. I had no major problems with any of my four songs, and got lots of praise for my singing. The pianist, Ken Muir, was amazing, a real privilege to perform with. Of course, I'd seen him accompany my teacher Vicki Burns before, and she also did her own excellent set to open our evening. Vicki's other four students had some great material as well.

Thanks to Mike, mike20, and the_ogre for coming to support me. I know the show was at a bad time of day for a lot of people (and boyziggy couldn't get off work, sigh). I did make an audio recording; the quality isn't that great, but if you'd like to hear me sing jazz here are some MP3s (I don't have the energy to put up a fancy player; right-click or whatever if you want to download rather than play in your browser):



When Sunny Gets Blue

I'm Beginning to See the Light
Tags: concert, singing

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