Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Site hunting

This weekend we visited Golden Gate Park to view a few possible wedding sites. boyziggy wasn't thrilled with the noise level, and we were both concerned about restroom access and other amenities. So we ended up perusing a book about good wedding sites in the SF Bay Area. Stern Grove, which I think obadiah suggested, looks very promising. We're going to try to visit this weekend, and book it right away if we like it and it's available. Please send us good karma.

Oh yeah, the date: we're hoping for Saturday September 25, but would also take September 18. We like September because there's generally good weather then and that's the month we met (in 2001). But the day we met, September 4, is Labor Day weekend this year (very unlikely to get any site then, and Ziggy will very likely be doing the Mime Troupe closing show), and September 11 is a no-no. We also considered October, but my Dad warned that month would probably be bad for him.

We haven't really worked out any other details yet. My good friend Charles has agreed to be my best man, and Ziggy's friend Chris from back East will be his maid of honor if she can find someone to look after her 40+ cats. As you might guess, our ceremony will be somewhat non-traditional. And if anyone knows anything about webcasting, please contact me as Ziggy is insisting on doing this...

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