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Saturday afternoon - Went to Calumet Photo with gerardp, where we both got much-needed bags for our new cameras. I am slightly regretting getting my monstrous 40D and lens, which would not fit into the smaller bags that accommodate Gerard's relatively svelte Digital Rebel. boyziggy is concerned that if I bring the 40D in its messenger bag on vacations, we won't be able to fly carry-on anymore. My response is that 1) I only fly a handful of times a year and 2) I normally will want a good camera with me anyway if we're going anywhere scenic. I know a lot of people have a pocket camera in addition to an SLR, but I've never really had one that size; the closest was my Panasonic FZ7, which Gregor is now borrowing. It's a good camera, but doesn't have nearly the features or photo quality of my Canon, plus it doesn't shoot in Raw.

Saturday night - Went with Gerard and Ziggy (who had a rare Sat. night off) to joedecker's birthday party. Had fun chatting and snuggling with various cool people, including the adorable elgecko, the lovely yami_mcmoots, and an interesting, well-spoken science-fiction author who isn't on LJ (yet). Ziggy also seems to have made some new potential friends, which makes me happy.

Today - Sang karaoke at the Mint with Mike and mike20. I started out with Steely Dan's "Do It Again" which I had fresh in my head from posting video of Mike F and I performing same on YouTube and also hearing on KFOG while in the car with Gerard. Then "Border Song", an Elton John favorite I can sing well. After that Mike K arrived, so Mike F and I sang Chicago's "Questions 67 & 68" as a duet. I'd been meaning to do it solo as a surprise for Mike K since he and I were talking about collaborating on that and some other songs, but Mike F's been bugging me to do a duet with him and this was one I figured I could sing without advance practice. It was fun, especially after a few drinks. I managed to do justice to "Overjoyed" by Stevie Wonder to close out the long (4 hour+) Mint outing, then we all had tasty burritos nearby before going our separate ways.
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