Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Karaoke block party!

Had a lousy day yesterday and a lot on my mind so I stayed home in a funk last night. But recovered enough today to go sing karaoke with my good friend Mike. We stayed for a good four hours. I was feeling like doing something different and sang two I'd never attempted before, John Cougar Mellencamp's "Authority Song" and Billy Joel's "Say Goodbye to Hollywood". Mike sang, by my request, Lou Rawls' "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine"... swoon...

Somewhere in between, a group at another table did three in a row by Men at Work. Then they came to us and said they were going to do a Bowie set next, and after my 2nd song said they'd also do a Billy Joel block. They asked us to join them; I declined on Bowie, but Mike did a very nice rendition of "Heroes", and someone else did my favorite, "China Girl". For BJ (who's playing the Oakland Arena as I type this; I've seen him three times already so didn't get tix this time around), I chose my standby, "New York State of Mind". I tried an ending I'd been meaning to attempt for awhile, but couldn't get any power in the high notes; I need to practice more consistently. You can hear a recording of me singing it on an earlier visit to the Mint here (QuickTime required, sorry). Mike did a nice job on "My Life".

In a mostly-unrelated note, I just ordered another lens, which I think will be better in the low-light club settings I'm making into my specialty. Blue Bear is continuing to use my photos in their newsletter, which is great though it can be hard to see any detail in the tiny sizes.
Tags: photography, singing

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