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Saturday night gerardp and I went to the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley to see the House Jacks, a "rock band without instruments". tenacious_snail had invited a group there to celebrate her birthday. Man, were they awesome. This was no ordinary a capella group. The guy who did percussion sounded so much like he was actually playing the drums, it was a mind-bending experience. Same with the bass, who had an almost impossibly low voice. And another did a great job imitating horns, and the remaining two sang more traditional vocals. They did a lot of originals, then took requests in the second set, with sometimes hilarious results. Good on-stage chemistry and humor in addition to amazing musical talent. I'll definitely plan to see them whenever they play the Bay Area.

After we went to Ethiopia restaurant on Telegraph. I took some photos but they were with my old point-and-shoot FZ7, which didn't handle the low lighting well without flash. I love that it's so light I could carry it with me always (though I didn't when it was my primary camera, I should have), I really miss the quality of my SLR whenever I don't have it with me.

Today Mike and I went to the Mint to sing karaoke. Some of his friends joined us; though the ones from out of town got there on the late side, they got to hear my final number, "Joy to the World". Before that I'd done "Rockin' in the Free World", "Aquarius", and "Holding Back the Years", none of which sounded that great to my ears. But I haven't been singing as much lately as I should. I've been playing Sims 2 a lot, and then I found out this weekend that there's a Nethack tournament this month so I decided to enter that too. Farewell to sleep...
Tags: concert, photography, singing

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