Pax (funcrunch) wrote,


I'm not planning on doing any holiday shopping today, or any other day for that matter. (Though I am not strictly observing Buy Nothing Day either, as I have some household necessities to purchase.) I stopped giving holiday gifts many years ago. I don't even give out seasonal cards. Reason being that I am neither Christian nor Jewish*, nor Pagan**, so I don't celebrate any of the festivities coming up where gifts are traditionally exchanged. And like many people, I'm really not into the mostly-secular merchandising frenzy that starts earlier and earlier each fall. I reserve cards and gift-giving for occasions like birthdays and weddings.

So since I have made many new friends and lovers this past year, which is wonderful, please know that the best present you can give me is your time. In the poly community, one-on-one time is a precious gift indeed.

* I am Jewish by birth under the Reform tradition only (my father is Jewish, not my mother), but I do not practice Judaism or any other theistic religion.

** I identify with some Pagan ideals, but spiritually I consider myself a Buddhist.

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